About Us

History – Vee Vee is into service for more than a decade. It started from a very small platform by becoming a vendor for some leading brands of India at that time & slowly moved towards own marketing following the strict quality control standards at minimum possible cost for its customers.

Our Philosophy

  • Seeking, searching, striving.
  • Always evolving, always growing.
  • Never satisfied with the way things are.
  • Harnessing the latest technology.
  • Focusing on quality with a religious fervor.
  • Setting standards, then surpassing them.
  • Upgrading processes continuously.
  • Developing new products through R & D.
  • Making them more and more user-friendly.
  • Expanding markets.
  • Penetrating deeper into existing markets.
  • Ensuring the best of pre and after-sales services.
  • Building mutually beneficial long-term relationships with business associates.
  • Generating adequate returns to propel future growth.
  • Setting in motion a momentum that is self-sustaining.

Our Mission

To always exceed our customer expectation by providing the highest quality product at lowest possible cost.

Our Core Values

1. A Passion for Technology- We believe in the courage to explore new horizons by adopting powerful new technological solutions.
2. Reliability – Our goal is to constantly strive to set the industry standard in providing products that aim at zero error functioning.
3. Teamwork – We firmly believe that “Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to achieve uncommon results.”
4. Lasting Relationships – We believe that cultivating and maintaining relationships is fundamental to our success, be it with our customers or our dealers. We are forever ready to go the extra mile to incorporate a distinctly people centric environment in our approach to business.