Customer Care

Customer Guidelines

Vee Vee constantly strives to interact with consumers and make it’s products consumer friendly. The company’s trained staff and executives maintain a direct interface with consumers, educating them about the product quality, convenience and maintenance. Vee Vee also believes that consumers must get the best out of its products. Hence it has evolved a set of consumer guidelines, which if followed ensures optimum and trouble free performance with enhanced durability of Vee Vee product for years to come.


The guidelines are:

During Installation

A) Use 25 mm pipeline instead of 20 mm to ensure better flow of water. Lay the pipelines straight and vertical as far as possible. More than required numbers of bends throttle the pressure of water. Keep the number of bends in the pipelines to a minimum. All the supply lines must have vent pipes, which help in giving a smooth flow of water from the fittings.
B) Center to center distance of pipe fittings for Hot and Cold inlets for all types of wall mounted mixtures should be maintained at 165 mm by which any of our wall mixers can be easily installed without any problem.
C) Place the outlet point in the overhead tank at least 2.5 cm above the ground level of the tank. This prevents the flow of foreign particles, sand etc., along with water supply into the fittings avoiding the possible damage to the working parts.


Post Installation

A) Cover the taps with poly-pack before or after their installation till they are put to actual use to protect the fine finish of fittings from dirt, stains and other damages.
B) Do not use harsh cleaning agents containing abrasives and acids., instead use a soft sponge or wet cloth with soapy water/diluted vinegar to protect the colour finish.
C) Clean the aerators provided in the items at regular intervals for a perfect flow of water from the fittings. To clean the aerator, remove it knock out the silver insert and rinse thoroughly with water.
D) Clean the overhead tank thoroughly before the supply starts. It is suggested that the overhead tank must be cleaned at regular intervals to avoid deposition of foreign particles. To avoid any foreign material to pass through the tap, use jail.



A) To ensure genuine quality material please buy Vee Vee from company’s authorised dealers only.
B) Insist on genuine spares from company’s local service center or its authorised stockist in case of any repair or replacement.
C) Please strictly follow the instructions manual whenever provided for individual items in their packing boxes for their correct installation and maintenance.



All products have a warranty for 7 years against any manufacturing defect (The warranty does not cover the cost of replacement). The warranty is considered as from the purchase date and the invoice is proof of the starting day.


Plumbing Tips

A) Beware of hidden cables & pipework when using an electric drill in the bathroom.
B) To prevent damage to tiled surfaces, mark area with tape before drilling.
C) Wear eye protection before drilling.
D) Utmost care must be taken, while assembling and fitting products with glass components.
E) Do not use abrasive compounds, metal polish, chemicals or detergents to clean chromium or gold surfaces. Wipe with damp cloth to maintain finish.


About Brass Finishes

Our solid brass and brass plated items are polished, then protected with a lacquer coating to help prevent tarnishing. This protective coating has limitations and in time may deteriorate from handling, cleaning or exposure to atmospheric conditions such as extreme climate, pollution, proximity to salt water, humidity and ultraviolet rays. Eventual tarnishing is therefore, not a defect, but a normal process, which is unavoidable. With proper care, these products will last a lifetime.



Proper care and maintenance will delay deterioration. Wash and clean only with water and polish dry with a soft, clean cloth. Never use harsh abrasives or any detergent containing ammonia.